Our company was founded in 2004 by Sami YAKUT. Succeeding in obtaining secondary Aluminum Powder and Aluminum Granule from laminated aluminum folio wastes by using his own proprietary technology, Sami Yakut has been a first in Turkey. Sami Yakut, the Chairman of our Company's Board of Directors, has 3 patents in total, as 2 patents being without examination and 1 patent being with examination. Fulfilling the requirements deemed necessary by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, our company is the only company licensed in Turkey for recycling laminated aluminum folio wastes in order to obtain secondary Aluminum Power and Aluminum Granules.


In our country, aluminum folio packaging and production wastes are usually incinerated in order to dispose them and produce thermal energy. Although metallic aluminum is completely cleared away along with the oxidation of aluminum, during the conventional incineration processes; during the processes at our facility, the metallic aluminum can be fully recovered. In addition to the wastes to be subjected to an incineration process, tons of aluminum folio waste, which cannot be recycled, have also been processed by us and recovered into the economy, environment, nature and the humanity.