High quality products, which have superior chemical and physical properties and been designed for various applications, are used in many different areas. Areas of use of our products:



Speed is important in exothermic reactions. The speed of these reactions is related to the surface are of aluminum powder. Our products have a big surface area. Since our products are produced from aluminum folio, the obtained aluminum products have a high level of purity, so our customers do not have any complaints on any matters regarding the reaction processes.


Master Alloys

Since our products have a soft tissue, they can be safely used as binders in master alloys for briquetting purposes. When compared to the artificial binders, our products do not damage the master alloy structure.


Ferro Alloys and Termites

Folio granule and powders are used in aluminothermic production of ferro alloys and in repair of railroad rails and steel ingot mold as thermite welding together with iron oxide.


Industrial Explosives

They are used in explosives used in the construction and mining sectors.


It is used in aluminum alkali production as well as in ethyl benzene production for styrene monomer production. It is also used as reactant in production of the aluminum chloride.


Iron and Steel Applications

It is used in antioxidant and slag cleaning briquettes. It is used in slag removing and deoxidizing briquettes, when an artificial binder is not wanted. It is also used in steel as deoxidant.


It is used as gas forming substance in gas concrete blocks and insulating plasters. It is also used in anti-static epoxy coatings.